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Business Education For Culinary Minded People

Nobody knows the business better than we do - let us prove it!

Culinary Business Institute programs provide focused educational training dedicated exclusively to the science of "successful business" in culinary endeavors. Our programs and materials provide clear, real world knowledge and time-tested methods for success by successful culinary professionals from across North America.

Whether you seek the independence as a personal chef, the satisfaction of providing dinner parties and/or in-home culinary instruction, or need to expand your existing culinary business to include a commercial kitchen, the Culinary Business Institute programs are your source for expert knowledge and guidance.

You have the passion and unique ability to create excellent meals.
We have the "critical success" knowledge needed to develop a rewarding and profitable culinary business.

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Your journey begins with education. Let the Culinary Business Institute knowledge and know-how be your bridge to success.

Spotlight On The Chef

Chef Julie T, Columbus, OH

In October 2016, Nourish Cooking personal chef service was born out of two friends' desire to give others a positive relationship with food. My cooking journey began in college and ever since then I get so much joy out of creating dishes and sharing them with others. I met my business partner, Emily, while working at a bakery. Emily has acquired her culinary skills from working alongside the talented home cooks in her family since childhood. Out of our experiences has come an appreciation for wholesome, nutritious food and a love of sharing it with others. We decided to take a chance and start our own personal chef business. We take great pride in bringing people together around the table with satisfying food, no matter the diet. We are excited for the future of Nourish! Please click the logo below to visit our website.

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