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Who can take the Personal Chef examination series?

Anyone may purchase and utilize the Personal Chef examination series. Individuals who are using the Personal Chef 1-2-3 training system are strongly advised to finish their program studies first.

What can you expect when taking examinations?

There are three separate examinations involved. There are 30 questions in each of the three exams. These questions are True/False or Multiple Choice. Each exam has a 60 minute time limit once the exam has begun. You cannot pause or stop an opened exam. Passing score is 80%.

Online Exam

What general areas are covered on the exams?

  • Planning & Administration
  • Organization & Operations
  • Marketing & Selling

Use the link below to review examples of the questions and formats involved with the Personal Chef Examination Series.

Examination examples

Why bother with the examination series?

The Personal Chef Certificate is an excellent marketing tool, indicating to your clients that you have approached this career seriously, and have demonstrated industry knowledge about properly operating a Personal Chef Service. Successful completion also gives you the satisfaction that you have fully understood the methods, concepts and operations as presented in the training materials. The information covered is the industry standard, responsible for thousands of successful Personal Chef Services across North America.

Sample certificate

What happens logistically with these examinations?

After purchasing the Personal Chef examination series, you will be sent an Access Code via email, along with a study guide to give you an overview of what subject matter will be covered on each exam.

The bottom of this web page contains a link to each of the three exams. To access an exam, you will need the Access Code provided to you, and will be required to insert your name and email address, plus acknowledge a statement about testing procedure.

While taking an exam you may navigate forward and backward to check or change an answer. All questions must be answered, with the exception of running out of time. If 60 minutes elapses without all questions being answered, those unanswered questions are marked as incorrect. If you are about to run out of time and are not finished, you are advised to simply give each question your best guess, otherwise that question will be marked as incorrect.

Upon submitting the exam, you will be provided immediate results. Upon completing the examination series successfully, you will be notified via email and shortly afterwards your Personal Chef Certificate will be created and mailed.

Other examination information:

These examinations are presented in English only.

There are no graphics, motion or sound associated, so even a slower dial-up Internet connection should have no issues or negative impact.

There are multiple exams for each section. If an exam was failed and reset,
it is unlikely the same exam will appear again.

Success rates are high, but in the event of a failed examination, you will be contacted by us. A $10 fee will be collected in order to reauthorize an exam.
In that event, you will receive a new Access Code for the failed exam only. Continue to use your initial Access Code on any remaining exams not yet taken.

There are no "trick" questions. The examination series is a feedback mechanism to show you understand the proper business procedures, marketing methods and day-to-day operations for a traditional Personal Chef Service.

Please note: The Personal Chef examination series is not accredited by any educational body. This examination series is used to substantiate an industry and business operations knowledge base, and has been used by professional associations as a membership entry element.

Personal Chef Examination Series

Internet problems:

If your Internet connection is lost during the exam, promptly re-connect and return to this page. Select the SAME EXAM (using the link below) as the one you were taking when your connection was lost. You will be returned to that exam and can resume where you were.

If you have started an exam and experience a power outage which does not allow you to return to the exam within your 60 minute time period, please contact us using the link below.

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Personal Chef Examinations

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